Bad HVAC Habits Every Homeowner Should Stop Doing  

As technology becomes more prevalent in modern households, having an HVAC system is something to be expected especially in city residences. It brings convenience and comfort even amid the unpredictable changes in the weather.   

But the thing is, a vast majority of homeowners do not know exactly the proper maintenance to do and resort to cleaning and maintenance habits that, unknowingly for them, cause hazards to their HVAC system. While Gonzales, LA air conditioning installation or any HVAC-related unit is excellent, the rest is up to the homeowners.   

We listed down the three common habits that homeowners need to stop as these just cause counterproductive results to their HVAC system and units. When resolved, homeowners will see favorable results that may even significantly reduce energy costs.   

The most common but oftentimes overlooked habit that homeowners tend to have is that they neglect the responsibility of doing regular maintenance and inspections. The leading reason for this is they frown on the inspection and maintenance costs. But contrary to what they think, neglecting these responsibilities will just cost them more especially when the HVAC system starts malfunctioning or become fully dysfunctional because of neglect. Replacement and re-installation costs are something that you need to avoid at all costs that is why maintenance and inspection are a must.  

When neglected for a long duration, your HVAC system may:  

  • Have clogged air ducts that reduce the HVAC functions and result in a strike in energy bills  
  • Have a thermostat that does not read properly leading to inconvenience and confusions  
  • Produce loud noises that can be an annoyance for guests or when doing work or studying online  
  • Reduce its overall performance  

The second habit that homeowners do is overlook and put little attention to their air filter. Some homeowners are good at doing inspection and maintenance but some of them may intentionally overlook the need to properly care for their air filters. To begin with, most homeowners lack the ability to find a good air filter and this worsens when maintenance on a regular basis is neglected. Take note that both size and quality need to be considered alongside the price and brand. This gives you a good Merv Rating, which is a rating on how fine and effective the air filter purifies the air in your home. Additionally, proper maintenance involves changing the air filter once every three months and doing cleaning within this duration. Homes that have pets need to change the air filter once every two months.   

The third and last hazardous habit that homeowners do which is counterproductive is repairing their HVAC system or units without professional consultations and help. Calling a professional for help is, by far, the most important thing you should not skip in your maintenance as you might do more damage when the wrong parts are removed or altered. Professionals are equipped with skills and proper tools to avoid problems and back-jobs.   

Your responsibilities do not stop once the HVAC system is installed. Proper and regular maintenance should still be done, as well as professional inspection and repair too.